Webinar : 5 Habits of Elite Traders feat. Steve Ward, world famous trader psychology coach

Elite traders follow a very different set of rules to that of retail traders. They think, behave and act differently. This is what sets them apart and makes them so successful in trading the markets. But how do they do it?

We’ve teamed up with leading FX & CFD broker XTB to invite you to this special webinar, featuring Steve Ward, master of psychology and mentor to the elite traders at some of the world’s biggest hedgefunds and banks.

‘The 5 Habits of Elite Traders’ – FREE WEBINAR
Wednesday 21st March, 7pm (GMT)

    • Developing a Winning Trader’s Mindset: How to think and behave like an elite trader
    • The ‘Mental Edge’: How to control your emotions when trading to react with calm and confidence
    • How to analyse your own emotions: Your emotions are telling you valuable information, don’t ignore them


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